The Gilded Lodge is a referral-led boutique decorating firm based in Bedford, NY

20 years in the interior design world has led us to develop and refine a seamless process to help our clients navigate each step of construction, renovation and design. Renée Torre leads a talented team of designers who collaborate on space planning, floorplan development, custom cabinetry, bespoke finishes, furniture selections, window treatments, styling, and turn-key installation.

Working hand-in hand with architects, builders, sub-contractors and tradesmen, we have created lasting business relationships which highlight mutual respect and collaboration. The end results are beautifully balanced spaces that feel refreshingly modern and timelessly classic.

The transformation of each project we undertake is approached from a thoughtful, practical, creative and sometimes playful perspective. Blending and layering materials, texture, and color allows us to create the perfect environment for each client we work with. We appreciate what an honor and privilege it is to work in someone’s personal space and always go the extra mile to protect each client’s privacy.

With a love of creating personal spaces that evoke warmth, home and comfort, The Gilded Lodge has carefully cultivated a team of like-minded designers and craftsmen who work together to make your project feel effortless.

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